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Certainly, there are some risks of stupid look finished with the trendy hat, but it helps you a lot in drawing attentions from crowds. Look at the following definitive photo of faux chapeau.

In my minds, BERETS stand for three characteristics: French, chic and confident. Considering my Italian heritage and American upbringing, the first character is totally lost. What I can do is to work on the latter two -- chic and confident. I've worn berets and obtaining success at varying degrees from my childhood. I choose a black iteration with a crystal-entrusted band to dine with my father last month. He appraised my look as a "very French" one, which is a high compliment from a male who proposed to his wife in the City of Lights.

Twiggy, an English rather than French lanky model, defined the look swinging the 1960s in London. Although at the age of 69 now, she is still excelled in the art of beret-wearing. She believes that such hats are epitome of chic and will never goes out fashion. Twiggy, aka Lesley Lawson, told me that berets are timeless classic fashion accessories. In her memory, she has worn berets as long as she can and would like to continue to do so. Multiple photos of iconic posing were photographed by others. Looking at those photos, she wore a beret atop her perfectly bob or loose wisps of hair. Her captures the essence of beret wearing: elegant rebellion.

The charged hat’s DNA has been changed As it know to us, Noah made the first beret out of wool lining in French legend. His wool has been trampled into felt by his animals. In Pyrenees region, Bearnais and Basque shepherds wore such hats as protection. Through out the 16th and 17th centuries, wool’s accessibility and practical characteristics like warmth and unfussiness endeared it in Europeans. Then, berets have been incorporated into military groups’ uniforms and those of revolutionaries. In the Second Carlist War, soldiers wore red ones; members of Resistance top them during the WWII. Black berets are also signatures of the Black Panther uniform. In midcenturies, beatniks and countercultures accepted the style.

In case you are not accustomed to it, it can feel like a bizarre disguise. It’s no wonder that high-end designers like Versace and Christian Dior have displayed them on runways in politically turbulent times. Some high street brands also follow suit. For instance, H&M unveiled a pink wool beret with a T-shirt in 2018. A milliner Stephen Jones have collaborated with the artistic director of Dior on the house of headpieces. He said, “Berets are suitable for everyone whether rich or poor, young or old, male, female or anything in between.” He dubbed such headpieces “the t-shirt of hats” backstage after the brand’s show.

One will not deny the power of an exquisite beret if one understands more related information. It owns magic power to elevate your fashion look instantly, and is capable of articulating the vibe of a certain condition -- Boho, edgy, prim or elegant. On the contrary, a wrong hat can do the very opposite. It is totally uncool and awkward if you choose a wrong headpiece.

Same with sunglasses, some hat shapes, cuts and styles are suitable for specified face shapes. So let’s look into detailed information and try to get rid of weird hats. Some useful tips could be found below.

Headpieces Suitable for Long Faces: Wide-Brim Hats & Berets

If one is born with a long face, it’s possible that one noticed effects of a hat farther back on the head, or those of a tight beanie hat that starts from your hairline. Such hats leave your looks worse than wearing it. Why? Such hats accentuate and elongate long faces further rather than balancing things out. A better choice would be a floppy hat or a fedora hat, which could sit across your forehead rather than on top at the hairline.

Opt a beret hat rather than a beanie to pair with your outfits. A visual reshaping by a beret sitting across one’s forehead could change one’s temperament to a great extent. Besides, an interesting trapper hat is also a good choice on a super cold day.

Headpieces to Square Faces: Beanies & French Berets & Round Brims 

One should prioritize softening angles of square-faces when selecting headpieces. There is no better way to do it than topping a round hat. Strong contour of some angular hats like fedoras clash with your strong jawline and sharp cheekbones. On the contrary, a circular-brim hat could soften sharp outlines of faces. Beanies and berets could soften sharp lines of your face. So do retro cloche hats.

Headcovers to Heart-Shaped Face: Fedoras & Newsboy Caps & Baseball Caps

Wide foreheads and cheekbones are obvious characteristics of heart-shaped faces. All measures should be centred on the theme -- getting rid of wide floppy hats. Wide-brim hats accentuate wide foreheads and cheekbones and narrow jaws. More flattering choices are shorter-brim headgear like fedora hats, newsboy caps, baseball caps, etc. Slanted brims created illusions that chin areas have been widened. All headpieces referred above could optimize imperfect outlines to a certain extent. In other words, they are very complementary on face shapes.

Hats to Round Faces: Fedora & Headgear with Farther Back

Round-faced people should try to avoid wearing hats with circular brims and hats cut across foreheads, such a berets and beanies. Steering clear of rounded hats is the most important point. Rounded hats like beanies will make your face even fuller rather than elongates it. In terms of the special effects, fedoras featuring interesting angles are better choices for round-face people. Deep-crowned hats far back at the hairline look wonderful, because it creates an illusion of elongating the face.

Many female trendsetters have a special attitude towards hats, especially to those berets in unique shapes and styles. There are many berets varied in styles and colours. Which of them are fancy and fashionable? Let’s look into it.

Two above photos are common designs among many berets. The beret in Khaki is the popular one at present, and the low-key color embodies elegant temperament of a wearer. Certainly, such a simple design is also a classic one. The right grey beret could embody mild and intellectual temperament comparatively. Such a simple and low-key is suitable for those elegant girls.

Some other berets in bright colours are popular among young girls. See above two photos. The left pink one is cute and suitable for lovely girls, adding exquisite glamour to their outfits. The red one on the right side embodies glamour of mature female, staging a general and eye-catching outfits to a certain extent.

There are also two berets suitable for cool and mature women, namely above two products. A minimalist leather beret on the right side is attractive and cool, so it is suitable for an influential office lady or a tomboy swagger. Dark red colour also add a kind of low-key fashion. The left camel one features a flower in the same color, revealing romantic temperament fulfilled. Especially good-looking girls could show more female glamour.

In always-changing fashion circles, what having been regarded as classic are rare, combining profound brand culture and unique design. Those classic berets also emerges in some cool musical play like The Get Down, which took on a dull New York in the 1970s. It was stuffed with decadent, boring and violent factors. Besides, a lack of fund was another characteristic of the time. A group of people from the lower class of the society pursued their dreams, without any guidance from world outside. All matters surrounding them are language games, impromptu dances and sprayers. It was in such environments, berets had born at the brisk of bankruptcy. These young teenagers have changed a city, even the whole world.

In the musical play, all clothes and accessories in the 1970s were revived perfectly. Not just a vintage beret could duplicate it vividly. All berets at the online store also absorb those cultural essence, turning on unique glamour in a low-key manner. Exquisite design on streamline, modern detailing and tailoring pair with different clothes or wearing methods, creating lovely, starry and cool looks. In the meantime, those berets also contribute to their unique temperaments.

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Have you bothered by unstable hats on your heads? In recent days, some complaints about having no idea how to secure a hat. Don’t worry. Have you ever heard royals’ hats fallen off heads on a windy day. The answer is no. It’s a “tragedy” for royals if their hats fall off heads. No matter how heavy the wind is, hat should be in place securely. Some irrelevant netizens concern occurrence of such “tragedies”, but they never happened in public occasions. A fashionista recommends some useful tips to us.

Tip 1 Hook and Loop Fasteners

Only several pieces of narrow hook and loop fasteners, most hats could be stay in place securely. All you need to do is to attach them to inner elastic band of your hat. After sitting your hat in an appropriate position, press your hat slightly to fasten it with your hair. In such an occasion, there is no need to worry about hat falling at any time. It should be note one should take off hats carefully to avoid fuss your hair.

Tip 2 Hat Combs

In terms of a kind of hat without much brim, a hat comb is useful to keep your hat stable on your head. Only a little hat comb could be split into two parts and then attach them to inner elastic band of a hat upside down. One need to stitch them over and over to make them secure in place. Such hat combs will make a big difference to keep your hat stable.

Tip 3 Hat Elastics

Even if one only wears hats several times in a year, it’s a priority to prevent being blowing off your head. There is no worse matter than chasing your hat along the sidewalk or watching it drift with traffic. Of course, it did happen to me. I get a hat elastic and attach it to inner elastic band of my beret. It is what a hat elastic looks like. Such hat elastics feature metal barbs at two ends. They leave it easier to secure hats on your head.

One could also buy elastic cord and cut them by yourself. In this case, you could cut the length you need and insert it through inner elastic band of a hat. Then you need knot it at two ends and keep two knots bigger enough, ensuring them stay in place. In general, the elastic goes in place a little bit behind two ears. Keep one end of a hat elastic inside inner elastic band of a hat and hold the other end to the opposite ear. Then cut the elastic a little bit longer than what you need.

Tip 4 Hat Pins

Decorative hat pins are suitable for some formal and luxurious hats. In general, three hats pins could secure a hat on your head.

Hope all above tips are useful to all.